About Us

The DEE stands for projects that focus on a life of freedom and ease, for the benefit of humans, animals and the environment, the healing of environmental damage and the achievement of harmony between humans and nature.

This may mean challenging established solutions for the benefit and maturation of new technologies that are in harmony with universal laws.

The world needs a turn towards solutions that arise from wisdom, mindfulness and creativity, that internalise universal laws as purposeful and fundamental. This is what the DEE stands for.

The DEE sees itself as a foundation that promotes the development of consciousness.

DEE researches and developments serve peace and work in accordance with the earth’s natural resources.

The DEE contributes in this regard to promote order according to divine destiny, natural beauty and health.

This means giving space to feminine values again in order to preserve the earth and to explore and use elemental energies.

The DEE works to shape the new age of creativity and truth.

Our interests

Promotion of International Projects

Good ideas are expansive and strive for expansion. We always have the growth potential in mind with our visions and like to involve people who help spread the potential of our projects.

Water is life

About the spirit in nature

“In nature, nothing happens by chance. We humans have it in our hands to copy nature, but first we have to get it right in order to summon the good spirits. There are more forces in every drop of spring water than a medium-sized power station of the present is capable of generating.”

Viktor Schauberger
Forester, Inventor, Conservationist


Name: DEE AG
Straße: Löwenstr.20
Ort: 8001 Zürich